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Tray packaging with BS packaging machines

Hygienic tray packaging guarantee freshness and a long shelf life for different areas of application.
Pack up to 12 trays per cycle with our automatic tray sealers. You can cover a wide range of different tray formats thanks to the quick-change frames. 

The sealing machines from BS Verpackung are suitable for a wide range of application areas. We generally specialise in commercial applications and we can offer you possible solutions for the following areas: Meat, catering, food retailing, fish, pasta, pasta products and much more. We will be delighted to assist you in finding the right tray sealer for your application, either over the telephone or by arranging a personal appointment.

You can contact us by telephone on +49 6172 489870

Manual tray sealers

An efficient packaging solution for food stands, catering, off-site sales, and the store counter. Seal in a leak-proof and hygienic, temperature resistant, and most of all delicious manner!

Semi automatic tray sealers

BS Verpackung Semi automatic tray sealers are used for vacuum sealing trays in an inert-gas atmosphere. Whether it’s meat, fish, antipasti, vegetables or pasta, we offer the ideal solution for an attractive packaging design with an extension in shelf-life.

[Translate to Englisch:] Automatische Siegelmaschinen
Automatic tray sealers

Hygienic packaging trays extend freshness and shelf-life for a variety of applications.

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